Why and by whom the Green Compass was developed?

Why the Green Compass is developed?

For Nordwin College and Wellantcollege durability is of paramount importance. Both schools see the social and economic value to bring sustainable innovation as a major focus the attention of students. The schools are working on the integration of sustainability in both curriculum and management, but ran after an enthusiastic start to question how they got it locked in a thorough manner in the organization.

Training teams have a full agenda and working on sustainability is often perceived as extra. Furthermore, the opinions within a team about what sustainability is, is often quite different.

The sustainability coordinators from both schools were looking for a way to get to a systematic and comprehensive way of innovation. Moreover, they needed a conversation guide, because opinions on what sustainability and how it should be integrated vary widely.

The Green Compass is based on the AISHE tool used in higher professional education. AISHE represents Auditing Instrument for Sustainability in Higher Education. The translation of this has been given the title Green Compass for (pre) VET schools.

By whom the Green Compass is developed?

The Green Compass is developed in cooperation with Wageningen Universiteit, Oberon, Wellantcollege and Nordwin College, The Netherlands.

  • Wageningen Universiteit:  prof. dr. ir. Arjen Wals, Professor of Transformative Learning for Socio-Ecological Sustainability at Wageningen University in The Netherlands. Wals also holds the UNESCO Chair of Social Learning and Sustainable Development. Furthermore he is the Carl Bennet Guest Professor in Education for Sustainable Development at Gothenburg University in Sweden and an Adjunct at Cornell University in the United States. His teaching and research focus on designing learning processes and learning spaces that enable people to contribute meaningfully sustainability. A central question in his work is: how to create conditions that support (new) forms of learning which take full advantage of the diversity, creativity and resourcefulness that is all around us, but so far remain largely untapped in our search for a world that is more sustainable than the one currently in prospect?
  • Wageningen Universiteit: Anne Remmerswaal MSc, researcher, project coordinator
  • Oberon:  Ton Klein, CEO
  • Oberon:  Geertje Damstra, researcher, advisor
  • Wellantcollege:  Marjon Kollau, policy advisor, coordinator for sustainability
  • Nordwin College: Heleentje Swart, policy advisor, coordinator for sustainable innovation


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