Get started!

Be prepared– As a moderator, make sure you understand how the Green Compass works:

Step 1 – Press the start-button below and pick out the subject your team is interested in.

Step 2 – Discuss which phase your training is in: with regard to this subject, does your team work incidentally or systematically towards sustainability? For an explanation of the five phases check the homepage ‘What’s the Green Compass’.

Step 3 – Ascertain your shared ambition. Click one of the flickering phases. By reading the indicators, you can easily define your actions.

Step 4 – Take note of your actions in using the form. Then, pick up a next subject or download your results.

Finish – Don’t forget to set the next date to evaluate your progress.

Take notice!

  1. Make sure your actions are SMART
  2. Take note of your actions, using this form 
  3. Make a new appointment for evaluating the results of your actions